High Pressure Laminate

As the exclusive sole distributor for Wilsonart (USA) and Arborite in Indonesia, LKS provides High Pressure Laminates (HPL) with great surface wear resistance, 600-700 cycles, complemented with unique designs and variety of vivid colors and patterns.

Panel Laminate Components

LKS specializes in manufacturing high quality mass panel laminate production, anchored in knowledge of the business, technical and human aspects of OEM high quality panel laminate production.

Modern Office Furniture

Spazio Office System is the simple and smart choice for today's office furnishings, both for local and export markets. Spazio Office System uses the latest modular system, which facilitates flexible arrangements and space reconfigurations in the highly dynamic office environment. The modern design conveys a great impression for the forward-looking company. The reasonably priced Spazio Office System is designed for durability and constructed with high quality imported materials.

Eubiq (Power Outlet System)

Eubiq is the latest innovation and solution for the electrical power outlet system that combine the safety and the convenience aspect.In modern lifestyle. with more and more electronics and mobile devices emerging, one can never pre-determine how many a power outlet are sufficient for the power-up and charging needs.Conventional power strip can only address to the basic powering need by providing extra power points,but is lacking of flexiblities and expendablities.
Eubiq Power Outlet is the first in the world which offers such an innovative solution to address the above mentioned issues. Users are able to add, remove, and reposition power outlet anywhere along a streamlined power track, a simple push and turn is what it takes to engage a new outlet.
GSS (Ground Sentry Shutter) - The GGS is a patented safety feature found in all power tracks and the wall sockets. It effectively grounds all conductive objects in contacts with it. This ensures that the system is Child-safe,it is virtually impossible for any hazardous 'Shock'.


     For more than 25 years, Avonite has been recognized as the innovator in surfacing. Our facility in Belen, New Mexico has a rich
heritage of challenging the status quo and establishing new benchmarks that define what surfacing is and can be.
     The Avonite Surfaces product line has a standing reputation for innovation, and continues to offer the broadest and most beautiful selection of solid surface designs available on the market today. Avonite is used for everything from the traditional kitchen countertops to retail displays, hospital bathrooms, military showers and much much more. Our trend-setting polyester and acrylic-based designs and colors, coupled with peerless quality, durability and performance, continue to separate Avonite Surfaces from other solid surface manufacturers worldwide.