PT. Laminatech Kreasi Sarana

PT. Laminatech Kreasi Sarana, Known as LKS,
Established In 1997,the range of service within the VI|VE|RE Group expanded with establishment PT.Laminatech Kreasi Sarana, asthe exclusive distribution license for number one global interior brands such as WilsonartInternational & Arborite (High Pressure Laminate - USA).

LKS main business is to provide high quality furniture components and
material for the Indonesian market that globally sourced as well as locally produced.
LKS is well known for its advance manufacturing facilities that produce high quality interior products such as panel
laminate components (PLC) and office furniture system (Spazio).

PT. Laminatech Kreasi Sarana, better known as LKS, is established with the main business in trading and
manufacturing the furniture components. Production activities take place in Lippo Cikarang factory with main
products include panel laminated components (PLC) and high pressure laminate (HPL), holding the exclusive
distribution for Indonesia from Wilsonart.
Inaugurating its first export to Korea with Spazio Systema, a new product line within the business portfolio. Spazio
offers modern office furniture for modern corporation with competitive price range in the market.
In 2008, LKS is officially certified with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Certificate. The certification marks that
every procedure of LKS???s business, production and management system have met the international standard, assuring
business partners with quality products and services.